Breathe In, Exhale

I always find it difficult knowing how to start an introduction but I will give it a go.

No more putting it off. I have decided the time is right for me to start a blog. As a literature lover, writing comes naturally to me - that is not to say I am any good at it, but simply it is something I love to do. I have always been one to enjoy writing; perhaps to my hand's detriment when it is on the verge of falling off after an exam. But I find nothing beats the satisfaction of finishing a piece of written work. It is all yours. Only you can put your name to it. Writing is subjective after all, therefore, it does not matter if others think your writing is dreadful: as long as you are content with it, that is all that matters. Although, more often than not I find myself criticizing what I write from receiving a less than perfect result. But I'm trying to learn that not everything will like what I do. Of course, some critique is necessary otherwise how would we learn? Cliche as it is. I want my writing to reflect the best version of myself. If you only put a half-arsed effort into something, how can you expect a top result?

That's where I can liken it to my blog. I want to give this my all and have it as a platform I am proud to put my name to.

So there we go. A little introduction to my blog and a bit about me. Keep reading for more posts.

Lots of Love,
Is xxx

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  1. This is an amazing first post, I'm sure you'll help lots of people by sharing your stories <3 Evie xo