All things Autumn

Autumn is undoubtedly my favourite season of the year: cosy coffee dates, beautiful leaves and an excuse to bring the tartan scarf out. I love everything about the September/October/November period (apart from the work stress). Hence, I thought I would do a post dedicated to a few of my Autumn favourites this year.

Anyone close to me will know of my unhealthy obsession with Sylvia Plath's poetry. Therefore, I think it fitting to include her "Frog Autumn" as a valid addition to the post.

Frog Autumn
Summer grows old, cold-blooded mother. 
The insects are scant, skinny. 
In these palustral homes we only 
Croak and wither. 

Mornings dissipate in somnolence. 
The sun brightens tardily 
Among the pithless reeds. Flies fail us. 
he fen sickens. 

Frost drops even the spider. Clearly 
The genius of plenitude 
Houses himself elsewhere. Our folk thin 

Sylvia Plath

Isabella Clark ©

Isabella Clark ©

One of the aspects of Autumn I love the most is being able to go on mid-afternoon walks alongside nature. I must admit, I am rather partial to a walk whether it be 30 degrees or -1, (although, I don't do rain) but I do think there is something special about the landscape at this time of year.

Taken in Cambridge.
Isabella Clark ©

I did my best to try and recreate that famous 'pintrest' moment whilst taking these photos, however, I don't think my attempts are quite as good. It is now that I regret not having a more professional camera to capture the beauty of the Autumn leaves, although for now, my iPhone will have to suffice.

Taken in Coventry.
                                              Isabella Clark ©

It also gives me huge nostalgia after doing my art GCSE last year; my elected topic was 'natural forms'. I must admit, I did receive a few strange looks arriving at school with a plastic bag full of leaves, twigs and shells. However, I do think these maple leaves are absolutely exquisite to paint. I love the vividness of the orange against the dark red stem and it is times like this that really start to appreciate nature.
Isabella Clark ©

But of course, it is not just the Autumn landscape I love; it is also the Autumn fashion. I absolutely fell in love when I saw these jeans in Topshop. Despite my bank balance not being as pleased (£58!!),  how could I resist them! I think the embroidered flowers work so well against the dark blue denim making them a bit more stylish than your generic skinny jean. Also, these jeans are perfect to pair with a good chunky knit jumper given the cooler temperatures.

Isabella Clark ©

Speaking of chunky knit jumpers, Autumn would be incomplete without one! I am a huge fan of this pastel, pink jumper I purchased last year from ASOS. It keeps me so warm and just goes with everything: jeans, skirts, dresses - you name it! Here I paired it with just a staple pair of ripped, skinny jeans and wore a little white top underneath.

Isabella Clark ©

Another thing I have been loving about Autumn is the new Starbucks range of 'Teavana' tea range. I must confess, I have not tired the full range yet, but I can definitely recommend the Chai tea. I personally think it is served best without milk, however really it is up to how hardcore you are with your teas! It's warming flavours of cinnamon and cardamon are ideal for a discreet afternoon read. Only downside is that I wish I had brought my reusable cup with me.
Isabella Clark ©

As ever, I hope you enjoyed this post. 

Lots of love,
Is xxx