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Whilst thinking about my next blog post, I frantically searched in my bag to find my inevitably tangled headphones. However, this insignificant moment of my day gave me the perfect idea: why don’t I write a blog post about my music taste.

Most people that know me or are at least a mutual acquaintance will be aware of my love of the person that is Steven Patrick Morrissey. His satirical lyrics have helped me through such dark times in my life that songs such as “Asleep”, still make me cry to listen to. I would say I have been a true fan of Morrissey now for three years; which may sound relatively short considering the impact he has had on my life. Quite understandably, I discovered Morrissey from his renowned work in The Smiths. The lyrics to "Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now" (if you are like me you have to sing the line whilst you read it) seemed to offer assurance the cynical part of myself that I was not the only one who sometimes feels miserable at point in their life. It was then after truly embracing The Smiths that I decided I really liked this man from Manchester and thus decided to find out a bit more about him; ranging from reading his autobiography and "The List of the Lost" to watching just about every interview I could find. Now from that moment where I first heard his music, I feel incomplete without my daily dose of Moz. No matter how cringeworthy it sounds to say it: I think he has a talent with his lyrics that no other artist does quite the same. And,,
I cannot fucking wait to see him next year. 

Another artist I am very fond of is David Bowie; the title ‘artist’ feels underwhelming when describing Bowie. His unparalleled gift for not only music has most definitely influenced my life. It is through Bowie that I have learned to embrace the creative side of myself and not be afraid of being slightly different. I have been raised up by Bowie from the first day I can remember; I was born in the year of the releases of “Seven” and “Survive”. Although, I must admit I cannot take the credit for discovering Bowie as truly it is my Mum I have to thank. I don’t think I know a bigger Bowie fan than my Mum and I am positive that those who know her would agree. From shaving her eyebrows and dying her hair bright ginger to look like Ziggy to having a house plastered with his face, I do not think my Mum could love the man more. Bowie is a part of who my Mum is; a part I cherish. When the tragic news came on the 10th January last year, my heart sank.  I still remember my Mum almost smashing her bowl of cereal she was holding when it was announced. Though the phrase heartbroken would not really cover the grief she felt (along with many others), my Mum still continues to play him every single day; along with me. Bowie, you truly have left a legacy with us.

Both Morrissey and Bowie would have to be my top two male artists however, I am also a huge fan of many female artists and bands. Many people look at me with confusion when I tell them I love the band Alt-j. I usually get the “Who?” response. But yes, they are a band, and a very talented one to say the least. Yes they are (well were since Gwil Sainsbury left) just four average men who formed a band at Leeds university, but there work is a piece of art; both metaphorically and literally. I would hate to choose a favourite album but in this case ‘An Awesome Wave’ would have to come at the top. This is another album that I could not live, nor do I think I would have got through some of the times I did without it. Equally, one of the lyrics from “Blood Flood” will be tattooed across my ribs next year. 

It was actually through Alt-j that I discovered Wolf Alice since they were the support act for their tour in 2015 at the O2. I am not ashamed to say that I have seen the boys four times in concert! I fll in love with Wolf Alice after I heard the song “Heavenly Creatures” and ever since I have been so impressed with their work. I would actually say that their latest album “Visions of a Lifetime” might just be my favourite one yet.

I guess I could go on forever about my favourite artists and bands but this post would probably end up being an essay by the time I had finished! Thus, what a better way to incorporate some of my favourite artists by making my own version of a "Dessert-Island" playlist. Although, I am already conscious I will have missed some out. I hope you have enjoyed this post and it has maybe told you something about me that you might not have known. Feel free to leave any comments.

Lots of love,
Is xxx

1.     Asleep – The Smiths
2.     Lazarus – David Bowie
3.     St Purple and Green – Wolf Alice
4.     Make it up – Shura
5.     Obsessions – Marina and the diamonds
6.     Do me a favour – The Arctic Monkeys
7.     The Magnificent Seven – The Clash
8.     Blood Flood – Alt-j
9.     Bloodstream – Ed Sheeran
10.Suedehead – Morrissey
11.High – The Cure
12.Down by the Water – PJ Harvey
13.Somebody Else – The 1975
14.Siren Song – Bat for Lashes
15.What you Know – Two Door Cinema Club
16.The Wild Ones – Suede
17.Song for my father – Brett Anderson
18.Sweet disposition – The Temper Trap
19.It Means Nothing – The Stereophonics
20.Married with Children – Oasis
21.Wish you Were Here – Pink Floyd
22.Stuck in a Moment You Can’t Get Out Of – U2
23.Electric Feel – MGMT
24.Eleanor Put Your Boots Back On– Franz Ferdinand
25.We Are The People – Empire of the Sun
26.Heavy Metal Lover – Lady Gaga
27.Truth is a Beautiful Thing – London Grammar
28.Ooh La – The Kooks
29.Mile End - Pulp
30.There is a Light That Never Goes Out – The Smiths
31.Hope is a dangerous thing – Lana Del Rey
32.Karma – Marina
33.I Found – Amber Run
34.Skyline, be mine – Shura
35.Mother’s Daughter – Miley Cyrus 
36.Summer Depression – girl in red
37.F**k ‘em only we know – BANKS
38.Spent the day in bed – Morrissey
39.Starman – David Bowie
40.Bartender – Lana Del Rey

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