Goals and New Years resolutions for 2018

Hello all,

I want to wish all my readers a happy new year! It warms my heart seeing that some of my posts have been read by over 200 people; honestly, it means a lot. Hence I decided that I would use my first blog of 2018 to write about something quite stereotypical: resolutions and goals. I enjoy setting myself aims and aspirations so that by the end of the year, I can reflect on what I have achieved (or what I need to re-write for next year...). Although, I know many people who hate the idea of setting resolutions and that is totally ok - the phrase you do you springs to mind.

1. Continue as a vegan
I began my path as a vegan on 6th November last year and so far, it has been the most enlightening decision of my life. To be honest, this is a bit of a "cop-put" of a resolution, but I am going to put it on the list anyway. I do not think I could ever, ever go back. So no matter how many times you ask me: "what about cheese" or "BACON" it is not going to change my mind in the slightest.
Whilst I am at it - January is also the notorious month for Veganuary and as I have stated above, I could not recommend veganism more.

2. Be kinder to myself
I have spent so many years in the depths of nasty mental health issues that N O W is the time for me to give something back to my body. Whether this is allowing myself a run with nature or going for a coffee with my friends if my body is telling me no, it is about time I listened to it.

3.  Spend less time on social media
This is probably a resolution for many people of our generation, but I do think it is important that we try and minimise our time spent behind a screen. I know I am guilty of wasting hours on social media, and so I think it is time I tried to move away from it. After all, how beneficial can it really be when we are comparing ourselves to the airbrushed image of those around us? I am going to attempt to switch off from social media from certain hours of the day with the hope that it might make my mind a more positive and clearer place.

4. Pass my driving test
A pretty self-explanatory goal, but equally an essential one!

5. Complete my A Levels
Oh, the dreaded two words "A Levels". I cannot say I will be sorry once they are over. But nevertheless, I hope come August I will finally see the back of these and will have left the sixth form with my head high.

6. Update my blog more often
One I am going to make a consistent effort to achieve. I want this blog to be a place people can go to when in need of support, interest or even just light reading, so I am really going to try and keep this one up.

7. Read a minimum of ten books
This one should undoubtedly be reached though I could not be applying to an English degree and not love reading! I think it is so important to read; it does not matter what it is you are reading (literally magazine, newspaper, book whatever) just keep it up and you will notice the benefits.

8. Challenge my social anxiety more
Although I know am I just that type of person who would rather be at home, snuggled in a dressing gown with a cup of tea, I do not only want to be that person. So, this year I am really hoping to push myself out of my comfort zone - not drastically so that I sabotage my A-Levels, but enough that means I get a feel for both.

9. Reach out more when having a "bad mental health day"
I am someone who finds it incredibly difficult to tell others when I am having a really tough day in terms of my mental health - having said that, my Mum and sister are pretty attuned to it now! However, I want to allow myself to talk to others when I am struggling and not feel I have to suffer in silence; no matter how much grief your head is giving you, "bottling it up" will not ameliorate the situation.

10. Travel
I already know (fingers crossed) that I have two holidays scheduled for this year, so I am incredibly excited to be able to explore some other areas. Being able to travel has been such a huge incentive for me to get better so the fact I am able to do that is amazing as I have not actually been outside the UK in almost four years due to this illness. But with all being well, that could all change this year!
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I hope my goals may have inspired you or maybe given you some ideas on what you would like to achieve this year. As ever, I am so so grateful for any comments or feedback so feel free to reach out to me on any of my social media pages or by email.

Lots of love,
Is x

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