She is Back

Reflecting on my archived blogs, I realise how much both I and my life has changed over the past 4 years. It is strange to envisage myself typing into the same website that I do now without any idea of the way events would unfold. However, I am grateful for that time between 2015 until now as it has seen me change into a much different, dare I say, better person. Academically, I have seen the back of GCSE’s, A Levels, and most recently, the first year of my degree. As satisfying as it is to reel off the list of my educational milestones, I know those achievements did not come with a lot of tears, stress and caffeine. Though I know my time spent in education is far from over, I am glad I have made it this far. 

It only gets harder from here.

It is a luxury having the time to think about my blog; given the neglect, I inflict upon it as the academic pressure creeps up. Ideally, this Summer provides me with a healthy amount of time to experiment with my own writing and take a break from essays! Mind you, I was not naïve to think an English degree would not require a hefty workload.

So it is definitely refreshing to have the time to read for pleasure again. After all, isn’t that what led me to want to do an English degree: a love for reading? Though my degree has introduced me to fascinating new writers, I have been meaning to tackle my own excessive “want to read” list on Goodreads.

So what can you expect from me over the next few weeks? Months? Years? 
Not that I want to be contained by time but I suppose I hope to see myself getting my degree in English Literature and Creative Writing at the University of Warwick *fingers crossed*. Ultimately, over the next few weeks, I aim to be more active on this space and provide more nuanced content. Further, I wish to develop my writing and see where it takes me. As pretentious as that sounds, I am in a firm believer in following the path that life intends you to. So for now, I sit back and wait. Stop tying myself down to things I cannot fulfil. Rest before the stress, excitement and anticipation of my second year at university. As well as take time for me? Perhaps.

This post serves as a comeback from my absence since March. So I leave it here to hold myself accountable. This will not be a project which I leave unfinished; I intend to make use of it. Hence, I will end on a quote from a beautiful author, Clarice Lispector. Thank you, Warwick, for leading me to her work.

“no, it’s not easy to write. It’s as hard as breaking rocks. But sparks and splinters fly like flashing steel”. 

 Lispector, Clarice. The Hour of the Star. Penguin Modern Classics, 1977.

                                      Isabella Clark ©

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