Summer Look Book

MirandaYou have no style or sense of fashion.
AndreaI think that depends on –
MirandaNo, no- that wasn't a question

When thinking about fashion, it feels impossible not to hear Miranda Prietsly’s voice in my head. ‘The Devil Wears Prada’ is quite possibly my favourite "chick flick" out there. Be it male or female, the film gives a surface level insight into the highs and lows of the fashion industry; not to mention the endless amounts of sassy quotes the film provides. 

As a child, I have always been conscious of how I present myself to the world through my clothes. Following the gender stereotype of the little-girl-growing-up, I was a fan of dressing up and pretending that I was a Disney princess. A decade later, I still pretend I am Belle from Beauty and the Beast with my “nose stuck in a book” (perhaps not to the extent of chasing my lover in an enchanted castle...). I like to believe that my style is pretty versatile: you have as much of a chance of catching me a pretty dress as you do in the latest Urban Outfitters trousers. 

                                                                 Isabella Clark ©

Here, I bring you a few of my favourite outfits that I have worn over the Spring/Summer period. After spending so long on a mission to hide my body in the baggiest clothing possible, I am gradually allowing myself to wear things that are a bit out of my comfort zone. That isn't to say that you will catch me in a skimpy bikini on next years series of Love Island, however, it does mean that I am trying to build my confidence and/or self-acceptance.

Isabella Clark ©

My first look is also possibly my favourite. Anyone who follows me will notice that I have an unhealthy obsession with the colour yellow; an obsession that stems back to when I was 3 years old lusting over Lala, the best Teletubby there ever was. 

Isabella Clark ©

Here I paired the dress with some old wedges from Topshop. I love the way that the silver compliments the vibrancy of the dress. And with the backdrop of Miami beach, what could be better? 

This dress is a fairly recent purchase from Urban Outfitters. Though I am trying my hardest to stop purchasing clothes as frequently as I have in the past due to how unsustainable fast fashion is, this does not mean to say that I do not have “treat yo’self” moments every now and then. I think as long as you are aware of the impact the fashion industry is having on the environment and that you are trying to reduce your consumption of it, then that is all that matters. I do not want to feel ashamed for buying new clothes, but at the same time, I do not want to be reliant on buying clothes to make me feel as if I'm "keeping up" with the latest fashion trends. It is all about balance. On that note, there are some great sustainable fashion companies out there that I may do a later blog post about!

 This summer has seen the popularity of midi-skirts rocket. As soon as I saw the gingham print, I knew I needed this skirt. I paired it with a blue sweetheart neck blouse which works really well against the skirt. Again, I am wearing my holiday wedges as when else do you get to wear chunky wedges? 

Isabella Clark ©

Isabella Clark ©

 Also, can we just appreciate how stunning my sister looks in her LBD  in the first picture. The sister envy is real.

My third look features no new purchases which is fabulous in terms of sustainability. I must have bought these pink jeans from Topshop 3-4 years ago yet they still fit me just as they did back then. I like to think I look like a grungy Barbie in these jeans paired with a staple black roll neck. Yes, I know: roll neck’s in Summertime? – that’s England weather for you. Being so coordinated, I wore this outfit with my baby pink Superga’s (and not to mention the pink FitBit). 

                                                                             Isabella Clark ©

                                                                  Isabella Clark ©

Lastly, we have another top and trousers combination. I have no self-control when it comes to trousers. Or shall I rephrase that: trousers you don’t have to roll up 100 times! I think they are so flattering on shorter girls (if you can get the leg length small enough). I love the frill detail on the bottom of these trousers. And because the pattern on the trousers does all the work, I matched them with a plain white V neck. 

Isabella Clark ©

Alterantively, I have previously paired them with a simple black tee. Trousers like these are such a staple as you really can dress them up or down. 

                                                                              Isabella Clark ©

So there you have it: My Spring/Summer look book. I hope you enjoyed seeing what I have been wearing or maybe took inspiration from my wardrobe. Thanks for reading.

Lots of Love,

Is xxx

Outfit Details:

1. White shirt - Topshop
Trousers - Urban Outfitters
Gazelle's - Addidas
Smith's Bag - Etsy

2. Yellow Dress - Urban Outfitters (no longer on the website)
Silver wedges - Topshop (old)

3. Blue Blouse - Stradivarius
Gingham skirt - ASOS
Earings - Forever 21
Silver wedges - Topshop (old)

4. Black roll neck - Uniqlo
Pink jeans - Topshop (old)
Pink shoes - Superga
Clips - ASOS

5. White blouse - Urban Outfitters (old)
Trousers - ASOS
Gazelle's - Addidas 

6. Black top - Monki
Trousers - ASOS
Sunglasses - Raybans
Clips - Urban Outfitters 
Gazelle's - Addidas
Necklace - courtesy of Lexie

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